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The mirror roller
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The main application example:
Printing and dyeing industry: calendering processing cotton, polyester, silk, chemical fiber, hemp, wool and blended fabric
Leather industry: calendering processing leather etc.
Plastic industry: PVC, ABA, PP, PT, PC and other plastic
Paper industry: surface calendering processing various kinds of paper
Metallurgical Industry: all kinds of non-ferrous metal rolling processing
The basic process of mirror machining:
The workpiece to a heat treatment by mechanical rough machining, surface hardness up to HRC55-58, and then by the mechanical machining fine car, grinding, hard chrome plated surface of up to HRC62, and fine grinding, polishing, precision polishing pretreatment, the highest finish up to Ra0.01um (level 14), thermal deformation is not more than 0.01mm.
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