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Oil surface calender
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This machine is mainly used for calendering processing of pure cotton cloth, chemical fiber cloth, flax cloth, wooland blended fabric finish, also can be applied to building materials, plastic packaging materials, paper products,if equipped with electro-optic roller, embossing roller, but also can be used as the electro-optic, ginning after finishing. For the oil surface pressure light and ordinary pressure light dimensions 7m*5m*4m brand Liguangmodel MH280-180PXUK type printing and dyeing and finishing equipment.
This product is a patent product of our company, can be used for the oil surface pressure light and ordinary light pressure, and the pressure can be adjusted, width adjustable, adjustable in the use of the company with hightechnology, so that ordinary nylon roller can be resistant to the high temperature of 180 DEG C, and nylon anddon't need a car in high. Compared with the rubber oil surface rolling machine, this machine has the advantages of long service life, wide range of use, the use of low cost advantage.
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